District Goals and Beliefs

Name Description
Belief 1 - Students are the focus of all decisions.
Belief 2 - A culture of accountability shall drive excellence and promote the district vision of teaching and learning.
Belief 3 - Open, honest, respectful, and responsive communication is fundamental to the collaborative process.
Belief 4 - The physical, social, and emotional well-being of students results from a partnership between families, the school staff, and the community.
Belief 5 - Learning is a process that combines nurturing, creativity, imagination, honoring a sense of wonder, and exploration of individual interests.
Belief 6 - We believe in embracing the diversity embodied within our community and appreciating the richness it adds to life.
Belief 7 - The Lake Tahoe region is precious, and we value our physical environment and integrate this element into our educational goals.
Belief 8 - Schools, families and the community are partners in helping students develop a sense of ownership for their learning.
Belief 9 - Teachers are passionate professionals entrusted with the duty of ensuring the highest level of learning for all students.
Belief 10 - School principals are passionate professionals who are leaders of leaders and accountable for the success of the school.
Belief 11 - All district staff members contribute to a safe environment conducive to providing challenging and engaging learning opportunities for students.
Belief 12 - The Superintendent Chief Learning Officer has a critical responsibility to communicate a vision of the future and to initiate and support action toward the vision.
Belief 13 - The board of education is entrusted with the responsibility for setting policies and strategies that are consistent with these beliefs and assures the district meets its vision.
Academic Achievement - 1.1 Deliver evidence-based, meaningful, engaging, and effective curriculum for data-driven instruction to support individual achievement at all school sites.
Academic Achievement - 1.2 Ensure meeting academic achievement standards by recruiting and retaining staff and by offering high-quality professional learning, collaboration, and resources for their continued growth and long-term development.
Academic Achievement - 1.3 Offer all students opportunities to explore areas of academic and personal interests, including enhancement of current educational programs that prepare students for college, career, technical, trade, and workforce readiness.
Support Systems - 2.1 Implement multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) framework to promote student success and address academic, social-emotional, and behavioral / attendance needs of individual students.
Support Systems - 2.2 Develop opportunities to strengthen student voice, increase engagement, and encourage individual responsibility as a core part of the student experience.
Support Systems - 2.3 Continue ongoing development of employees, systems, infrastructure, and facilities while utilizing financial resources in a fiscally sustainable manner to support effective learning and equitable outcomes.
Community Connections - 3.1 Partner with students, families, educators, staff, and community to provide an educational experience that is committed to acceptance, inclusion, and equitable outcomes to increase belonging for all.
Community Connections - 3.2 Enhance outreach and resources for TTUSD individuals with the highest needs, from under represented groups, and at transition points.
Community Connections - 3.3 Expand community partnerships to support student learning and expand opportunities for community-based educational partnerships, immersion in our natural environment, internships, and outdoor education in the area.